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Top 10 Reasons We Love Monograms! July 16 2017 87 Comments

1. Monograms are a timeless trend.

2. Monograms show ownership.

3. Monograms are classy.

4. Monograms make the most thoughtful gifts.

5. Monograms show Individuality.

6. Monograms allow you to be creative.

7. Monograms make sweats look cute.

8. Monograms make us feel special.

9. Monograms make basics beautiful.

10. You can NEVER have too many monograms.

What is a Monogram? July 03 2017 208 Comments

Monograms are a fun, chic, and sophisticated way to add flair to your wardrobe and punctuate your personal style, but…where do monograms come from? Is a there an alphabet fairy waving her fashion wand and creating pretty little letter trios? Not quite. But if you’re as curious about the origins of this awesome new trend as we hope you are, keep reading to find out.

The monogram motif has a rich history dating as far back as 350 BC when they first appeared in ancient Greece on coins used as currency. The coins featured the first two letters of the name of the city they were from and… insert drum roll here…that’s how monograms were born!

Over the years, the practice of monogramming has traveled the world. The use of personal insignia has been documented in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Good Old USA. 🇺🇸❤️

Historically monograms have been used to signify things like wealth, royal status, and ownership. They were used to identify nobility and even incorporated into family crests and coats of arms. Artists use monograms as a mark of authenticity to deter the reproduction of their work.  Married couples use monograms to symbolize their love and union. (#RelationshipGoals😍)

Like little alphabet butterflies, monograms have transformed into a fun and fresh way to flaunt your individuality by merging a classic style with contemporary fashion. They are no longer limited to use on fancy bathroom towels and wedding souvenirs. Now we have monogrammed stationary, jewelry, clothing, and other sundry accessories. Your monogram is special. Be proud of who you are. Indulge in the fun, freedom, and individuality of the monogram lifestyle.

-Austin, United Monograms


United Monograms and the new trend 'Graphic Monograms' January 14 2017 3 Comments

Monogramming is a style that will always be around. There's nothing wrong with being proud of who you are by wearing your monogram proudly. Those 3 letters are part of your identity. Also, your friends/sisters can't steal your clothes when they're monogrammed!

Most commonly, your monogram is embroidered on the left chest of clothing, hats & bags. We've recently put a new spin on monograms with the release of our Graphic Monogram Collection! Using new digital printing technology, these new Graphic Monogrammed tees, sweatshirts, tanks & more have your personal monogram printed within our original designs! All of our amazing customers LOVED our first Graphic Monogrammed long sleeve- 'Coffee & Lipstick!' The product went viral on social media, and we had Christmas designs that sold like crazy also! We are happy to see that everybody loves this new addition to the monogrammed world. We truly want to 'Monogram Everything!' Always remember that United Monograms is the inventor of this trend! Because "Imitation is the Highest form of Flattery" and we have certainly been flattered over this new viral trend.

Our Young & Energetic company has been booming the past few months. United Monograms has come a long way from just a single head embroidery machine in 1 small room! As you may know, United Monograms & United Tees are the same company. United Tees recently acquired new DTG (Direct to Garment) Digital Printers for it's business, and after a while it became obvious how special these machines could be when it comes to the personalization of the monogram business!



Be Red, White & MONOGRAMMED This 4th Of July! June 08 2016

Who's excited for Americas Birthday!? WE ARE!  Here at United, it is our FAVORITE holiday and time of year.  Who doesn't love celebrating our independence while being surrounded by family and friends?  We'll leave the grilling and party planning up to you - but we are here to help you prepare your outfit for this special occasion!  We want to see you Red, White and MONOGRAMMED this 4th of July. Whether you are spending it at home, the beach, the lake - our Patriotic Collection will have something for you!  Looking for a cute crop top to rock at the beach?  We've got you covered.  Looking for a patriotic baseball hat so you won't have to worry about your lake hair?  We've got that too! OR shop our Patriotic Packages and get everything you need for one low price!  All you need to do is find cute bottoms and shoes to match - and you are all set for a day of fun in the sun loving America.  Check out our Patriotic Packages below!  Both at an amazing low price of $39.95!
Shop our Patriotic Collection today to have the CUTEST Patriotic outfit at the party.  Order by June 19th for Guaranteed 4th of July delivery!

March 'Monogram Madness' March 13 2016

What is “Monogram Madness” you ask? I’m sure you have all heard of March Madness – the Annual NCAA College Basketball tournament that takes over a majority of Americans attention for the next month. This is the female/monogram lovers version of March Madness - an exciting time of year where your favorite products will be featured and competing with each other for your attention and praise. There will be 7 different parts of our “Monogram Madness” Sale:
Selection Sunday – March 13th - YOU select your deal!  

First Round – March 15-16th - 20% off all purses

Second Round – March 17th – 20th - 25% off all rain jackets

Sweet 16 – March 25th - 16 selected items on sale for 16% off

Elite 8 – March 27th - 8 selected items on sale for 20% off - Cancelled for Monogram Madness Flash Sale!
Final Four – April 2nd - 30% off our 4 best sellers!

Championship – April 4th - 35% off 2 items+ FREE Koozie & Sticker!

Be a WINNER this 'Monogram Madness' and score one of these great deals!  

You'll Love our Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Monogram Tank Tops! July 19 2015

United Monograms & Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pattern Tank Tops with Personalized Monogram

The girls at United Monograms are no different than most other prepster girls all across the country. We love summertime, all things American, the brightest of bright colors….and of course, Lilly Pulitzer. What's better than a Lilly pattern coupled with YOUR monogram? We've picked our very favorite summer Lilly patterns, and made Lilly monograms available on a few of our products! Our Lilly Pattern tanks are perfect for any occasion- whether spending a day at the mall or hitting up the boardwalk, the bright tank colors are complemented by a bright Lilly pattern to match! Our Lilly fabric patterns available are shown below.

Lilly Fabric Options

Lilly Pulitzer Monogram


Featured Products- New & Improved Racerback Tank Top! July 19 2015

Monogrammed Racerback Tank Tops

Our Racerback Tank is NEW and IMPROVED! It is now a more fitted tank and is available in 12 AWESOME colors! Also, you can now choose the placement of your monogram - standard left chest, larger in the center, or smaller on the back. Come check out this amazing product that is available in 12 colors with 15 different monogram style options!

12 Different Color Options for Racerback Tank Tops

Monogram Tank Tops on the Beach

Starting this month of July, we are introducing our "Featured Products of The Month." Each month we will be featuring a few of our favorite products! We will tell you a little bit about each of these products, and what makes them awesome!

If you purchase one of our featured products each month, you will get a FREE gift! *while supplies last each month.* This Month, we are featuring 4 of our Favorite Monogrammed Items: Quarter Zip Sweatshirt, Racerback Tank, Lilly Pattern Tank and Comfort Colors Tank. For the WHOLE month of July, if you purchase one of these products you will get a FREE 'Merica Bow Koozie!

All About Lilly- Why We're Obsessed June 23 2015

The girls at United Monograms are no different than most other prepster girls all across the country. We love summertime, all things American, the brightest of bright colors….and of course, Lilly Pulitzer. We just celebrated National Wear Your Lilly Day yesterday (Happy First Week of Summer, friends!) and it served as the best reminder that Lilly will never go out of style.

Lilly was born a New York socialite way back in the 1930s. When she and her first husband relocated to Palm Beach, Florida shortly after their wedding, she opened a successful juice stand. Inspired by fruit and the bright stains on her clothes the juices left, she created her first brightly patterned sleeveless shift dress. Eventually, she realized her customers loved her clothing designs even more than her juice, and thus, Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. was born. The year was 1959, and the rest is history.

An iconic shot of Jackie rocking a Lilly dress!

Girls who wear Lilly are among the likes of Jackie Kennedy, the Rockefellers, and the Vanderbilts, just to name a few of America’s royal members. Jackie Kennedy was actually a classmate of Lilly’s growing up! Talk about fast connections and the perfect brand ambassador.

Some of the original Lilly wearers, circa 1960s. I spy a Vanderbilt!

Throughout these past decades, Lilly has remained not only a relevant brand, but a cutting-edge brand. New designs and patterns are constantly being created and developed, and of course, only the brightest of the bright colors are used! Women and children of all ages can rock Lilly- a sorority girl can feasibly share a Lilly dress with her fashionable mother!

Sorority women love Lilly!
Where does United Monograms come into play with Lilly, you may ask? Well, what's better than a Lilly pattern coupled with YOUR monogram? We've picked our very favorite summer Lilly patterns, and made Lilly monograms available on our products!
We have Lilly monogram options for apparel like tanks and quarter zips. Our quarter zip is a huge favorite here at the office- it's comfy, cute and perfect for summer evenings on the beach after the sun sets! Of course, our tanks are perfect for any occasion- whether spending a day at the mall or hitting up the boardwalk, the bright tank colors are complemented by a bright Lilly pattern to match! Our Lilly fabric patterns available are shown below.
Lilly Pulitzer with Monograms
Of course, that's not all! We also offer super cute Lilly decals in even more patterns! The decals come in a variety of sizes, and they're perfect to stick on your laptop, your car window, your phone, or anywhere else you might think of! The same patterns are also available on products such as tumblers, mason jars and jewelry dishes, so you can always carry some Lilly with you.

Lilly Pulitzer- United Monograms

So what are you waiting for? Shop our Lilly section NOW! Don't forget- National Wear Your Lilly Day may have just passed us, but there's never a bad time to rock a Lilly!

Choose your own Monogrammed Pocket Tee- New Year, New Products. January 14 2015 1 Comment

New Year, New Products. Welcome, 2015! Say hello to United Monograms’ Pocket Tees.

Now that the holiday festivities are officially over, we’re excited to focus on the awesome new products that we have finally launched! What better way to embark on a brand new year than to introduce a new product line?

Here we go, new product alert: The Monogrammed Pattern Pocket Long Sleeve Shirt. United Monograms now offers fashion forward long sleeve shirts for you to ooh and aah over, just in time to keep you toasty for the colder, winter months ahead (dreadful we know).

And these are not your average pocket tees. We’re proud to announce that these monogrammed pocket shirts are totally customizable. This means you can choose from various patterns of pockets, monogrammed styles and even thread colors. It’s ideal for the preppy girl at heart, who knows exactly what she wants in a shirt.

Why are we so excited about pocket tees you may ask? Because they can be perfectly paired with just about anything! Our favorites pairings include: Jeans, layered under a cardigan, paired with a cute flannel and leggings or…by itself with some yoga pants, of course! Pocket tees have the power of giving off a completely effortless vibe, all while adding to your fabulously chic appearance, even if it is just for class! ;)

Go ahead, check out our new pocket tees and choose the style you feel is most “you”. We offer pocket styles in: seersucker, navy wave, herringbone, quarter foil, plaid, gingham. american flag, and many more.

So why should you jump on the bandwagon and obsess over updating your style for 2015?  Is it the “new year, new you attitude” mantra? Perhaps! What are some of the top reasons you’re refreshing your look this year? We have a couple good reasons, just to get your list started. ;)

One reason to ditch your old threads is to do some good, aka donate your old clothes! A way to truly radiate positivity in January, and throughout the year, is to go through your current wardrobe, figure out what you haven’t worn in over six months or especially over a year (cough, cough…you know who you are) and donate them to those who truly need it. Not only will you help out those who are less fortunate, you’ll feel a little less guilty spending all of your holiday cash on new styles from United Monograms. Check out your county or borough’s local donation centers and get to it!

Another great reason to try out our products in 2015, particularly from United Monograms, may just be the most exciting one yet…the continuation of the active wear movement that has swept the fashion world, according to Women’s Wear Daily that is. Active wear has been seen all over the runways in 2014 and is only continuing with a huge bang into 2015. We’ve always known that the casual, yet feminine active look was EVERYTHING. Yet, you don’t have to buy designer clothes to be on trend, we’ve got you covered and in an even bigger and better way! Chic, American active wear never sounded better or looked more fabulous than United Monograms’ collections. You could say United Monograms has been a bit ahead of the curb for a while now, but we won’t pat ourselves too hard on the back. We’re just excited to see active wear only continue to flourish this year. We couldn’t be more proud.

As previously mentioned, when it comes to our Monogrammed Pattern Pocket Long Sleeve Shirts comfort is everything. At the end of the day active wear is about being comfortable and effortless. Buy your new pocket tee today and layer it up for winter, but keep it around for spring! We also have tons of new products to highlight in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! Remember, personalize your life and choose United Monograms for all of your customizable fashions.

It's Christmas Eve and you still don't have a present for that special someone....now what?! December 24 2014

It’s officially Christmas Eve, so we're calling all last minute shoppers. If you still find yourself scrambling to find the perfect gift for any of the ladies on your list, don’t panic! It’s never too late to purchase your loved ones a gift card for the holidays. And you’re in luck, United Tees’ has a brand new gift card collection that will surely be a hit among the sophisticated southern belles on your gift list. 

We’re now introducing monogrammed gift cards and we couldn’t be more excited! As so many of our loyal customers already know, a United Tees’ gift card is a gift of endless options. Yet, a United Tees’ monogrammed gift card takes it one step further. Monograms are such a meaningful, thoughtful present that any girl will truly appreciate. It’s a personalized product that has a little piece of them embroidered on it, what more could a girl ask for? 

We realize that we don’t make it easy for you when it comes to shopping for monograms on our site. With the endless options, such as our fabulous jewelry, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, zip-ups, tumblers and the list goes on, how does one person even know where to begin? The good news is that you don’t have to worry about a thing today. Just focus on baking your amazing homemade platters and we’ll have your back to squash all of the last minute gift searching nonsense. The search is over everyone, it’s time to enjoy your holiday.

Who doesn’t love a gift card for a product that they can create, customize and keep forever? We love providing collections that truly wow our customers, which is why when it comes to our monogram items, we believe in the power of endless possibility. It’s hard to choose between one’s initials, sorority letters, thread color, style or you name it. Monogram gift cards help put the right person in the decision making seat. Thank goodness, you're off the hook! 

Like our United Tees’ gift cards, we deliver these to you instantly by email. The email will contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. And of course, our gift cards have no additional processing fees. Why would we ever do a thing like that?

Christmas Eve and Christmas day are truly about spreading cheer with your family and friends, eating amazing food, taking part in Secret Santa mayhem, playing fun drinking games and the list goes on.  Despite how good a last minute deal at your local mall may sound today, it’s not worth the hassle…believe us! Elegance is key and when you purchase a United Tees’ monogrammed gift card for your special family member, you’re not just giving them any old gift, but instead, you’re giving them an opportunity to create their own custom piece! Otherwise known as every girl’s dream gift. 

It’s time to go back to your baking, present wrapping, Christmas music or what have you. Enjoy your holiday festivities! We wish you and yours an amazing Christmas and holiday season. We encourage you to go ahead and personalize your life with our fabulous monograms, for you can never go wrong with a little touch of class! ;)

Monogrammed Tumblers make the Perfect Holiday Gift! November 18 2014

Tumblers, tumblers and more tumblers. Can you really have enough? Adding a new tumbler to your winter collection is like welcoming home a fabulous new accessory that tags along with you anywhere your willing to take it. A tumbler is an eco-friendly gift that’s both adorable and practical. So of course, right in time for the season of gift giving, we’ve decided to provide some insight as to why United Monograms tumblers will make some of the greatest gifts your best friend or sorority sister (or real sister) could ever dream for this season. 

One of the best concepts about a tumbler is that you’re not only receiving a cute drink container, but your also getting a reusable, more sensible “stocking stuffer”. In other words, you can fill up your United Monograms tumbler with all sorts of adorable goodies for your BFF, only adding to the cute factor of these gifts. 

Not to mention, tumblers are great for so much more than just your regular old H20. These containers are also ideal for your morning smoothie, coffee, frozen hot chocolate or juice. Whatever it is you’re drinking, these tumblers are sturdy, stylish and will help add a pop of color to your look. Our tumblers are a must-have for the everyday college girl. So it’s time to out your old, drab plastic container and add one of our amazing new tumblers to the mix.

But it doesn't have to be solely just about tumblers, ladies. This holiday season it’s time to get festive! If you’re style is more in line with channeling your inner DIVA, perhaps you may want to upgrade to one of our more fabulous drink ware containers, which happens to be very popular around this time of year. Everyone, meet United Monograms gold glitter acrylic wine glass with lid and straw. This wine glass has everything you will ever need in life: Fabulous style as well as a lid and straw. You could virtually bring the party anywhere when using this glass!

As a company, United Monograms strives to capture the essence of the carefree attitude that America’s collegiate youth represents. With this in mind, we’re always eager to hear what your ideal products would be…we want to hear from you. Always feel free to drop us a comment and tell us what you’d love to see in our product line. Stay tuned for our holiday blogs to come and as always, Live the American Dream with pride. 

United Monograms Bags October 28 2014 1 Comment

If there’s anything at all to know about college, it’s that you have tons and tons of books to lug around on a regular basis. Although book bags were most likely your favorite go-to carrier back when, chances are you probably have since graduated from the days of picking out your new neon, canvas book bag to carry all of your life’s essentials in. Well at least we hope so…

United Tees has an amazing selection of monogrammed purses and bags that will take you from class to weekend in no time. Trust us, we know that the simplicity of a classic bag is all you need to add a touch of style and sophistication to any look. This is what inspired our collection of preppy monogrammed purses, after all.

Our larger monogrammed purses make the perfect overnight bag and just so happen to also be the preferred choice for those girls who seldom leave home without bringing nearly their entire beauty collection…yes we know who you are. We offer these monogrammed purses in tan, black, navy or mustard, leaving endless possibilities available to all of you fashion forward ladies out there.

Depending on your personal style mantra, we also carry cross body purses that are great for a day of tailgating, shopping or living the carefree, casual lifestyle that you know and love. We leave the glitz and glam out of the picture and instead just let our high-quality products do all of the talking. We know you will just adore these “take me anywhere” purses no matter what style of bag you choose!   

You will definitely want to also check out our trendy monogrammed envelope purses. This will be your new best friend to tote around for a night out on the town. This purse can transform your look from day to night, so style and wear it as you please! Our small envelope purses come in royal blue, red, coral and aqua. You can even throw these adorable purses into your larger bag for double the dosage of monogrammed perfection.   

We offer various design styles for our monogrammed collection, including circle, master circle and cotillion. Customize one of our amazing bags with your personal initials and you can’t go wrong! Purchase one or several for all of your friends to enjoy (the holiday season is getting dangerously close)!

United Monogrammed Jewelry October 06 2014

As a brand, we have made it our goal to inspire the collegiate youth to live the American dream each and every day. By creating a laid back, yet sophisticated clothing brand, we believe that true American style shouldn’t be anything less than comfortable.  Since the launch of United Monograms, we have incorporated some of the best, most American attitudes/ideas into our products so you can do just that…wear the American Dream. While always keeping it simple and classy, we continue to expand our product scope as a way to best reach out to our entire client base.

As a spin off from our popular monogrammed clothing, United Monograms now offers a beautiful line of monogrammed jewelry. Yes, you’ve got it! We now carry elegant 18K gold pieces for all of you true Southern gems out there. That’s not just it, we have tons of colorful, eclectic collections to satisfy all of your personal styles. Fun, spunky, and bursting with pops of color, we have all the right jewelry to effortlessly pair with your fall wardrobes this season!

Let’s face it, monogrammed necklaces are the perfect statement piece for the everyday sorority girl’s style. This was the inspiration behind our Gold Plated Circle Monogram Necklace. Can you go wrong with 18K gold, ladies? And we can’t believe we’re saying this, but the holidays are just around the corner. Keep these elegant necklaces in mind for the perfect holiday gift…a simple, yet classic piece for your Greek sisters to treasure forever! 

But if bracelets are more your thing, we’ve got the perfect piece to add to your arm candy…it’s the Monogrammed Gold Charm Bangle of course! Wear this bracelet alone or with 5 others…we all love layering bracelets, the more the merrier! This piece is simple enough to pair with leggings and an oversized tee for the day to day grind, yet elegant enough to wear to your upcoming formal. We can’t say enough about this item.

Bring on the color! There is something to be said about adding a playful pop of color to your fall wardrobe. And with our colorful acrylic jewelry collections, you can most certainly do just that. From earrings to key chains to cuff bracelets and rings galore, we have jewelry of all shapes and sizes in some of the most feminine palettes you can only dream of. Check out our Acrylic jewelry collection here for beautiful products that will help to brighten up your darker, fall attire. http://www.united-monograms.com/collections/acrylic-jewelry 

Be sure to check out all of the jewelry selections brought to you by United Tees. Warning: These products are going fast so don’t miss out! Order your products today before the holiday rush begins. Remember, Live the American Dream oh so elegantly and you’ll never be out of season.

Monogram Etiquette 101 September 10 2014 17 Comments

Monogramming is an art that we respect here at United Monograms. Sometimes people ask the question, why are those initials not in the right order?


These people clearly need a little lesson in Monogram Etiquette. Since you know we love to monogram everything, here is the etiquette we go by when monogramming.

First Name, LAST NAME, Middle Name. The reason why the last name traditionally goes in the middle is because the last name is most important and should stand out! You should be proud of your family name. Your last name initial will be slightly larger than the others in the center. Example: Anne Marie Price would have the monogram aPm

First Name, NEW LAST NAME, Maiden name (or middle name if you prefer). When a woman is married, a few things in the monogram world are up to her! She can ditch her middle name completely, and use her last name as her new middle name OR she can keep her middle name. This is your preference, or whichever you choose when you change your name! We think either one is acceptable! Example: If our friend Anne Marie Price married David Brown her monogram would be EITHER (option 1): aBp or (option 2): aBm


Bride's First Name, MARRIAGE LAST NAME, groom's first name. The reasoning for this one is easy, ladies first! Since Anne & David Brown are now happily married, their shared monogram would be: aBa