Style Guide to Monogrammed Rain Jackets

This Spring we are focusing on our great selection of Monogrammed Rain Jackets. Every girl needs at least 1 Monogrammed Rain Jacket to have ready at all times! In this article I will give you details about 5 of our Rain Jackets- a United Monograms Rainwear Style Guide! After getting YOUR perfect Monogrammed Rain Jacket, you'll love it so much you will want to "Make it Rain!" ☔️🌧😊☔️🌧

Unlined Lightweight Pullover Rain Jacket

The 'Unlined' Pullover is the Lightest Rain Jacket we have. It barely weights 4 ounces! It's perfect for all of our lovely southern ladies who need something super lightweight during showers on those hot spring & summer days!  This jacket is unlined, lightweight and very breathable. Because of its light weight, it wont keep you warm in the winter like some of our other jackets. It's really made so you can stay out & not have your day ruined by pesky summer rain! This jacket comes in 12 different colors. Aqua, Light Blue & Coral which are pictured below, have been most popular with our customers- but you should get the color that looks best on YOU. 

Pullover Rain Jacket

Back before I moved to Charleston, this jacket was the perfect weight for living in Pennsylvania. It is a little heavier than the Unlined Jacket- featuring a 100% cotton flannel lining that adds some weight to it. The unisex fit leaves room underneath for layering as well- great for staying warmer, protecting against wind, and protecting your outfit underneath!  You will get your wear out of in Spring, Summer AND Fall.  This jacket comes in 10 different & unique colors designed with your school colors in mind! Pair the Jacket Color & Monogram Thread Color for YOUR School. This Jacket is great way to show your school spirit or to wear while cheering on your team, especially when the weather isn't favorable!

Anorak Rain Jacket

This 'Anorak' Jacket has been a fan favorite because of its dynamic styles & more feminine fit that makes it so cute to wear all year. This Jacket has the BEST color options. It comes in the vibrant standard options of Green, Lilac, Neon Pink, Navy & Black- but also in some patterns and a beautiful ROSE GOLD color! The Rose Gold is brand new (pictured below) and makes you feel happy and shiny on a rainy day. It also comes in grey & navy stripes, as well as polka dots! These color and pattern options are why this Jacket is Loved by so many!

The colors & patterns, but also the versatile fit of this jacket all make it desirable to ladies of all ages & sizes. This weight of this jacket is heavier than the unlined lightweight pullover and lighter than standard pullover. It does have a lining, but it is a lightweight soft jersey fabric.  The Anorak features a drop-tail hem for those worrying about covering their bottom- who wants a wet butt!?😂 This jacket is one of our personal favorites! We've also added some of our favorite embroidery graphics onto our Anorak Rain Jackets as well - like this Pineapple or Donut Rain Jacket!🍩☔️

'New Englander' Full Zip Rain Jacket

This jacket is such a classic must-have piece!  The style of it makes it cute and wearable even when it's not raining. Many ladies prefer the full zipper feature, and this one is a winner!  It is not too heavy, but gives you good wind & waterproof coverage.  The color selection for the New Englander is incredible.. There are many school colors, but also some very pretty & stylish colors too!  Imagine this with your favorite pair of rain boots - so cute! We are in love with how Carin from Laces & Lashes styled this Jacket- that's her in the picture below! Here's what she had to say about it,

"The 1st item I got was this gorgeous rain jacket. I chose pink with grey thread. The quality is amazing and it is so well made. I wore it this past weekend on my trip to Delaware and paired it with some destructed denim + rain boots. Love how it just brightens a rainy day!" - Carin, Laces & Lashes Blog

We just added a Brand New version of the New Englander Jacket which has been a huge hit so far!  This Monogrammed Floral New Englander Full Zip Rain Jacket is beyond beautiful and will also get the job done on a rainy day! 

Logan Rain Jacket

This Jacket is the most expensive because of the very high quality material- its our most "professional" rain jacket. You will stay WARM & DRY in this baby! It was approved by Oprah herself...It was named one of Oprahs "Favorite Things" in the January 2017 issue of O Magazine. The Logan jacket has a more mature and sophisticated look to it, perfect for the professional woman on the job!  The interior drawstring feature creates a flattering, feminine fit. The fit is hip length with a drop tail for extra coverage.  It is only available in 3 colors - but they are 3 classic, go-to colors!  I think you and mom both need this one ;)

Which Rain Jacket is best for you?!

When trying to decide, make sure to look at:

  • The weight & lining of the jacket- Where do you live? What weather conditions do you deal with most?
  • The fit & cut of the jacket that best matches your desired style- Do you want a roomy unisex fit? Or a more feminine fit?  (Size charts available on each)
  • The color of the jacket- Does it match your favorite rain boots? Are you looking to match your school colors? Do you like a fun pattern (striped, dots, anchors, etc.) or a solid color?
  • The quality of the jacket (ALL are top notch 'Charles River' quality)- Is this something that you plan to wear for one season? Do you want to have this as part of your wardrobe for many years to come?

No Matter which one you choose, enjoy "Making it Rain" in your Monogram☔️😁


Shelby- The Lowery Lowdown

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