Free Ship Club Membership

$ 69.95
  • Free Ship Club Membership

Free Ship Club Membership

$ 69.95

Want to be a Member of the " UM Free Ship Club"!?

Place an order for this item and we will email you a FREE SHIPPING CODE that you can use for ONE YEAR! The One year will begin today, the day you place this order.

You'll receive an email within 30 minutes after placing this order with your personalized code.

This is a huge benefit if you're one to place an order for one single item many times throughout the year, and our flat rate shipping makes that single order more expensive. This is a great option for monogram lovers everywhere!

*Of Course this code will only be able to be used on your account, and cannot be shared with others. It's for you only!

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Each Personalized Monogrammed Item is Individually Hand-Created by our Team here in Charleston, South Carolina.

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