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Intertwined Wooden Monogram
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$ 35.00

A Wooden Monogram is the PERFECT accent to add to your home!  Add a Wooden Monogram to your wall, door, mirror, wreath, or dorm room for an awesome personalized decoration!  Our Personalized Wooden Monogram comes in 3 sizes to fit your decorating needs.  Our Personalized Wooden Monograms are made of Baltic Birch Plywood (great quality wood) and are approximately 3/8" thick.  This items will be unfinished (not painted).  With an unfinished wooden monogram you can be creative and paint it or decorate it however you want!  Use a ribbon and bow to hang your wooden monogram for an extra cute look.  Get your Personalized Wooden Monogram today to make a statement in your home!  

Monogram Etiquette: Individual Monogram: First name, LAST NAME, middle name. (Example:  Mary Jane Smith = mSj) Couples Monogram:  Brides First Name, Last Name as couple, Grooms First Name (Example: Mary and Bob White = mWb)