Surprise Summer 48 Hour Flash Sales

This is your Official Warning!

During the Month of July we will be having spontaneous 48 Hour Flash Sales on a secret selection of summer products. We will not announce what products will be on sale, when they will be on sale, or what the flash sale prices will be (although, they will be great). Look out for this Logo across social media:United Monograms Flash Sale Logo


Chances are you will not see all of these Flash Sales without paying close attention! We will only be posting these 48 Hour Flash Sales sporadically across social media. Your favorite item may be on sale and we'll announce it on twitter. If you're only checking Instagram- you'll miss the deal! We're going to sneak these sales across Facebook, Insta Stories, Twitter, Pinterest, Email and more- we're going to be creative. Let's have some fun!

The closer you pay attention, the better deals you will find. So be on the Lookout for our Sneaky Summer Surprise 48 Hour Flash Sales! 

United Monograms 48 Hours Surprise Flash Sale