I'm sure by now most have seen the first collection that kicked off the new UM: Band Tees. These t-shirts feature Nirvana, Sublime, Disney X Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Def Leppard! Add your monogram, or don't- either way these designs are UM Originals! The Band Tees are so versatile and can be styled in SO many different ways. Today I am going to give you a few ideas of how to wear your UM Band Tee so you can plan tomorrows out! 


Check out the style guide we posted on our website to see where to grab these fits! 💖⚡️


Once you pick your favorite and we ship it to you, the WORST case scenario is some old punk will come up and ask "Oh you like the Rolling Stones huh? Name 3 songs!" READ OUR BLOG to help you have an answer to that annoying question...

First up is a simple but effective outfit. A Band Tee of your choice paired with some platform Converse, biker shorts, and of course some jewelry to bring everything together! 


Next up, I think these jeans have to be my favorite jeans of ALL time. They're the Levi's Dad Women Jeans in the lightest wash. These paired with a Band Tee, Black Booties, and jewelry of your choice makes an outfit PERFECT. Plus you can take it from daytime to nighttime simply by adding an oversized blazer or leather jacket!

The last outfit (and the comfiest) is something I wear on a daily basis. These sweatpants are the best quality and can be worn so many different ways. Personally, I love the way they look paired with a UM Band Tee and some chunky sneakers! 

Rock On Ladies, Our Band Tees are Hot❤️‍🔥

UM 💋