Customer Spotlight: Judi Boone

Judi has placed 210 orders with us as of June 2022! How crazy is that?! 🤯 As one of our most loyal customers, Judi is always first in line to buy new items! She's so supportive of our whole team & is always showing us love.
Judi wears UM daily, look at this OUTSTANDING collection!

How did you discover UM?
I've always worn monograms. I was searching for a monogrammed tee online. I came across UM. I ordered my first crewneck.

How long have you been a UM customer?
I've been a UM disciple for two and a half years.

What’s your favorite UM piece in your closet?
I could not even begin to answer what my favorite piece is. I know from last year's Christmas drop I love the home for the holidays crewneck and the blanket dress. I love the black yoga pants, the black dress and the gorgeous sand linen pieces.
What’s your favorite thing about being a UM customer?
There's many reasons that I love being a UM customer. The first thing that attracted me was the variety of colors and pieces that are available. As I became more involved I was thrilled with the boutique drops, the frequent posting of new items and the care that went into creating and finding items.
Why would you recommend UM to friends & family?
I would without a doubt, refer people to United Monograms. And I have. Many many people.  This company will bend over backwards for anyone who gives them a dollar.