Graphic Monograms- Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about the Graphic Monogram T-Shirts

Who: That would be US, United Monograms.  We started the ‘Graphic Monogram’ trend and style. We wanted to change things up from the classic (yet beautiful & awesome) left chest, simple one color thread stitched monograms. Other monogram companies offer products that are embroidered, or made with vinyl.. these ‘Graphic Monograms’ are neither of those things. We've created a new monogram industry that's here to stay. Many of our customers already have started collecting their favorite designs.What is a Graphic Monogram?


What: What is a ‘Graphic Monogram’ you ask? A ‘Graphic Monogram’ is a monogram WITHIN a graphic design. Imagine your common printed ink t-shirt design, but with your unique & personalized monogram within it as part of the art! These are printed using direct to garment (DTG) digital printing, state of the art machines run by our team. The possibilities are endless with these printers, and our staff is set up to print & ship these personalized clothing items to you as quickly as we can! Our team works hard to come up with designs that our amazing customers will love, incorporate a space for your 3-letter monogram initials, and organize our team's process to print it on a shirt and get it to your mailbox! Love coffee and lipstick? We have a design for that. Obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer? Yep we got you. The list goes on. We can make SO many ‘Graphic Monograms’ and we will continue to release new ones- Be on the Lookout!

New style of monogramming shirts


When:  We first started making ‘Graphic Monograms’ in Summer ’16.  Our sister company, United Tees, started printing their shirts using direct to garment (DTG) printers, rather than getting their items traditionally screen printed. We then realized we wanted to use this amazing piece of technology for United Monograms as well. Our first big hit of our ‘Graphic Monograms’ collection was our “Coffee and Lipstick” Long Sleeve T-Shirt.  When we launched this brand new product in October 2016 it went VIRAL. In the first weekend, it received over 25,000 Facebook likes, over 20,000 Instagram likes & over 5,000 comments. We sold nearly 1,000 of these “Coffee and Lipstick” shirts the first weekend! Who knew so many people loved Coffee, Lipstick AND Monograms?! We did😎

Coffee & Lipstick Graphic Monogram goes Viral


Where: We do all of our printing here at United Monograms in Charleston South Carolina. We have an amazing staff here that loves all of our customers more than you know! You can only find these products online on our website. Give us a call sometime- it's our job to make sure you guys always have a great experience with our growing company.

Why: Why did we start making ‘Graphic Monograms’? We are proud to have one of the best followings of monogram loving girls - but embroidered sweatshirts, hats, bags & jewelry are competitive products sold by all monogram companies. ‘Graphic Monograms’ can only be done using our DTG printers. Most importantly, we want to offer you guys, our amazing customers, something DIFFERENT. We want to offer more than just simple 3 letter monograms (although they are fantastic - nothing wrong with switching things up a bit!). We want to bring out our creativeness and really make shirts and designs that you guys love! We feel we are in touch with you guys and want to prove that to y'all. As time goes on, you will see many other companies adapting to (or straight up copying) the graphic Monograms Style. Here are just a few examples of many...

Companies who COPIED United Monograms Just always remember where you saw it first- United Monograms!

Now that you know the in's and out's of ‘Graphic Monograms’ take a peek at the awesome ones we are currently offering! Contact Us Anytime- We love to hear from y'all!

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