Make it yours™ heart embroided sweatshirt- millions of views. Viral Sensation

It's a Hit!🧵💥❤️ Make It Yours™ Heart Sweatshirt goes Bonkers with UM Fans!

The United Monograms 'Make It Yours™ Heart Sweatshirt' Takes the World by Storm! It's official, the United Monograms 'Make It Yours™ Heart Sweatshirt' is a viral sensation! With over 10 million views on social media, this personalized sweatshirt has captured the hearts of customers everywhere. People are finally embracing the 'Make it Yours™' product line and the creativity it offers.


Make It Yours™ Heart Sweatshirt

From funny to unique and even NSFW, customers have picked and purchased a wide range of words to be embroidered inside the heart on their sweatshirts. The excitement has even spread to our employees and team at our headquarters in Charleston, SC. Seeing the different personalized words on sweatshirts throughout our production floor was a source of joy and laughter for everyone.

Can you believe how creative everyone got!?

Make It Yours™ Heart Sweatshirt

We've compiled this collection of videos showcasing the candy heart 'Make It Yours™' products on our website for your viewing pleasure.


Make it Yours™ Heart sweatshirt


We were shockingly (and happily) surprised by the unexpected and creative personalized phrases our customers came up in this next post. Let's call these NSFW hearts  "UM After Dark" 😮🙊😆. We embraced the fun side of our customers. Our team and staff got so many laughs seeing these get made in our production facility! We just couldn't believe some of these...