Spring 2024 “Put A Bow On It”🎀

Spring 2024 “Put A Bow On It”🎀

Welcome to the launch of United Monograms' Spring 2024 Collection, where we celebrate the joy of being unapologetically girly. With these 250+ (Crazy!) New personalized pieces, we invite you to indulge in your love for all things feminine. You love your morning Starbucks, enjoying life & you don’t want to “hustle in your career” every second of every day. You love looking cute while feeling cozy. Let’s celebrate the things we naturally love by being feminine  💕🛍️

Our team has been working hard with your daily outfits in mind- There’s ALOT of new products! This blog is going to breakdown the Themes & Inspo, Apparel Pieces & Fit, and Personalization Styles to help you get a grasp of everything! No matter what, get ready to hear “Nice Threads”  (We have the Highest Quality Embroidery) & get lots of smiles from people who see you out & about on your daily adventures.

We care about your outfits. We want you to turn heads & start conversations with what you are wearing. Have a little quirk you are proud of that you’re known for in your group of gal pals? Commemorate that with your outfit.  We LOVE seeing what everyone comes up with! Make it Yours™


The overarching theme for this collection is being unapologetically girly! Okay you may find us Crying Over Book Boyfriends, being late because we had to get Starbucks or Dunkin', and voting for Barbie & T-Swift for President. We don't care! We’re proud of it!

We want to give a shout out to Clara's Instagram. Follow her at @SeeHerCreate. Her creations are a great visual representation of our Vibe!


“Put A Bow On It”🎀

Bows aren't just a trend; they're a statement. With the “Put A Bow On It” attitude- you're carrying the banner for 2024's biggest fashion statement. Everyone is loving Bows this Spring and that is right up our alley! You know the term “Coquette”? We’re definitely bringing the Coquette Vibes in this collection. Check out this article from 17 magazine: What Exactly is the Coquette Aesthetic That’s Taking Over the Internet Right Now?

“Bows in fashion are trending right now because women are really leaning into their feminine side this year. Embracing being a woman and all the beautiful things that come with that. I love how dainty it is yet still completes a simple look. It's a gentle pendulum swing away from the “boss era” aesthetic." - Elisabeth Kassab, Real Simple Magazine

Pinterest has reported a 190% uptick in searches like “Bow outfit” - Pinterest 2024 Trends

Here’s some ‘Bow’ pieces in the collection to check out!

Bow Collar Embroidery

Tiny Bows Emb



Feel free to nickname this the “Bow-tique Collection” because you will see bows sprinkled through the collection! We are "In our Coquette Era" 🎀 Designed for those who dare to be darling.

Beverages - “Sipping Pretty”

As Girls, we believe in always "Sipping Pretty." Our drink-themed items are made for the girl who knows that the perfect drink is the final touch to her look, whether it's a morning coffee, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a happy hour cocktail. It's the final pierce of any outfit- Whatever you're drinking!



We absolutely get the concept of the 'Emotional Support Cup.' Cool confidence always comes with a drink in hand, it just feels better! A Beverage is a 'Social Accessory,' It’s not just about quenching your thirst. It doesn't hurt that holding a drink helps everyone see that your nails are done💅🏼. Recently engaged and want to show off that sparkling ring 💍? Holding a beverage is a great way to do that- We know you know what we're talking about!

When you walk somewhere with a drink in your hand- you just look cool. So, here's to the girls who carry their favorite beverage as a badge of honor. Theres NOTHING wrong with constantly having a drink with you, even if it makes you late for something- oops!

Here’s some pieces in the collection that are all about this vibe



Fountain Soda Connoisseur Monograms


Stay cozy and supported with our Monogrammed 'Emotional Support Cup' Crewneck Sweatshirt

Martini Embroidery

Sorry late, Coffee- Shirt



Spring Flowers can just make a girl happy🌸🌹🌼🪻🌺🌷🌻💐 (Yes, that is all of the flower emojis available). We love this new Embroidered 'Coming out of the Pocket' decoration style. We also have this NEW Make It Yours™ Floral Embroidered Paw Print- a stylish and comfortable choice for Dog Moms 🐾


“Just a Girl who Loves…”

What are you known for? What little quirk are you known for? Get a smile out of your group of friends next time you are all together!

  1. Find your Community 
  2. Loyalty 
  3. Thats what makes you… YOU!
  4. Happiness Checklist


Spring Mama

Of course we always have to include ‘Mama’ themed items to every collection! Our founders Sean & Shelby Lowery have 2 kids unuder 2 years old- so we get it! As far as wearing an outfit that defines what you love, what’s a better example than your kids!?

If you’re a Dog Mama, you’re included! Of couse our Make It yours™ items allow you to put your pet names. We even added a personalized dog bowl & the cutest embroidered floral paw print!

Apparel Pieces & Fit

“Cozy Crew”

What's the difference between 'Cozy Crew' and 'Crewneck Sweatshirt'?

Everyone, including us, love our standard classic ‘crewneck sweatshirt’ - But we are excited for this new UM Standard ‘Cozy Crew’. We’re always wearing these around the warehouse, and want our girlies to have the same comfort as us “industry insiders” - We even used them to make for our entire company!


It's Not As Bulky & has French Terry inside- so soft & fluffy! It's Pigment Dyed, which gives it that Vintage Look- Cozy/Washed Look. More Edgy. Looks more Expensive. Premium Material crafted with an 80/20 ring-spun cotton/polyester blend for a plush feel that's worth the upgrade. It’s careful attention to detail & meticulous split stitch double needle sewing on all seams gives the ‘Cozy Crew’ enhanced durability.

We Love the Loose Waistband!

The Waistband is loose, not tight- so the way it hangs feels unrestricted & more slimming. The quality! It's such a great feelin when you put it on, trust us! It transitions effortlessly from your yoga class to your favorite café. Wear it for all the ‘daytime adventures’ in your life.

Consider the 'Cozy Crew' an investment in your comfort and style. The extra $10 translates to lasting quality and satisfaction, ensuring your sweatshirt remains a favorite piece for seasons to come. Also, it's good for the planet! Made with sustainable and socially conscious manufacturing practices.

It's here to stay! Check out all the NEW Spring 2024 Products offered on this 'Cozy Crew!' Supreme Softness: offering you a cloud-like feel that's simply irresistible. Slip into a sweatshirt that feels like a warm hug. It’s worth the extra.

Swimwear- Supportive Material! Love the Removable padding.


Find Your Fit

We care about how you look, and it’s important to us that everything fits right!



check out all the little accessories from the new collection! (some bags not so little!') Also mouse pads, mugs & hair scrunchie

Personalization Styles

Tasseled Embroidery

🪡🧵Tasseled Embroidery

We’re so excited about this new look! Our ‘Tasseled’ embroidery style perfectly portrays the playful and feminine essence of United Monograms.The frayed thread adds texture and a unique three-dimensional aspect that makes the embroidery pop. It's a modern twist on embroidery, and we love the way it looks!

If you like a bit of "artisan flair" in your clothes you will appreciate this.Embroidering these pieces takes some legit craftsmanship, a real hands-on approach- and you can tell.. Our team in Charleston, SC is ready for the job..🧵🌴 We're all about giving you that personal touch, the kind that folks who love a bit of "artisan flair" in their clothes will truly appreciate.

Playfully Professional- Our Embroidered Tasseled look blurs the lines between playful charm and sleek design. It's the perfect conversation starter for the creative professional who loves to express her individuality. With each movement, let the tassels add a dash of fun to your day without compromising on polished poise. Who says workwear can't have a little flair?

We’re so excited about this new look!


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