The NEW UM - Make It Yours 💋

"Make It Yours 💋"

We're taking our brand beyond monograms. We believe there's nothing cooler than fashionable items with a twist of your own personalization. Our brand was built on this concept. In the 2010's we took the timeless monogram tradition to another level when our company created graphic monograms. Everyone copied our idea, & we were ohh so honored 🙄😘 We're leading the pack again here in 2022. This blog is our 'press release' about some of the changes you'll see from our brand going forward.

Our Name: We now go by simply ‘UM’

The 2010’s are gone for good & it's time for a new era for UM. We will always have the classic monogram options (3 letters - first, LAST, middle - circle, vine, etc.) available on the site. However, we're taking what we love about monograms, the personalized touch, & expanding that concept. Therefore we're dropping the word ‘monograms’ from our name and going by simply ‘UM.’ We've been strict about the word 'monogram' in the past, but we're loosening the restrictions. Use the word however you want. Just 'Make It Yours'.

Our Products, Your Personalization:

As with traditional & graphic monograms, we offer the general color options, placement & personalization option on each product. You, the customer, input your personalization (name, initials, monogram, area code, city, nickname, etc...You Pick!) We’re striving, once again (and forever), to be the market leaders in how girls across America add a subtle touch of personalization to their outfits.

New, Hotter Apparel Options:

We are going to focus on offering more trendy styles & up and coming fashion. If you've been shopping with us for years, we know you probably have a few crewneck sweatshirts & 'Comfort Colors' tees. We get that even with different designs & thread colors, you may only want so many classic crewnecks in your closet! We've always focused on new fun & festive designs, & we still will. Now we are also going to focus on offering those designs on the trendiest apparel items out there!

Personalization:  More than just your 3 letter monogram!

Wouldn't it be cool to have your nickname embroidered on the hood of a sweatshirt? How about your wedding or graduation date subtly printed on the sleeve or collar? Get your high school, nickname, an inside joke, ANYTHING added to your apparel. We’re going to be less obsessive over the order of the letters (i.e. classic monogram - first, LAST NAME, middle/maiden name) & give more options than just the front left chest! Sleeves, collars, hoods, pockets...there's so many trendier spots on clothing so you can 'Make It Yours'.


"You Pick": Products that have multiple personalization options provided by us. A perfect example of this is our "I'd Rather Be" sweatshirt that has been our best seller in 2022 so far. It has a cute, smaller embroidered statement across the chest. I'd rather be at...You Pick from our choices - Target, Starbucks, Disney, etc. We're planning on having so much fun with this concept!

"By You": Input your own personalization & you choose where the placement is on the item. You'll see us rolling out this style this spring. Add little symbols like smiley faces & hearts to your personalization.

We're so fired up for 2022! ❤️‍🔥


The NEW United Monograms

***We love Claire's comment below comparing this to Sonic's drink combination possibilities💀 💋 🥤


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