Top 10 Reasons We Love Monograms!

1. Monograms are a timeless trend.

2. Monograms show ownership.

3. Monograms are classy.

4. Monograms make the most thoughtful gifts.

5. Monograms show Individuality.

6. Monograms allow you to be creative.

7. Monograms make sweats look cute.

8. Monograms make us feel special.

9. Monograms make basics beautiful.

10. You can NEVER have too many monograms.


  • Holly Hooper

    I agree that consistency of content is important. Unfortunately, the possibilities of responsive design lead away from that. Any tool or technique can be used in an ineffective way. If your site’s width is fluid, is it a responsive design? Yes. Sites have been designed like that for years, and it’s a simple, fast, easy change. When this new idea popped up, a lot of design already were providing a different design for different browser widths.
    Holly Hooper

  • Harold Burton

    I’ve heard really wonderful things about Japan! Ugh yeah here in Taiwan people aren’t that rushed either but Korea was a whoooole different story when it came to riding the subway or bus! Sad story, we actually had a CS lined up for Busan but then our host crapped out on us the last minute 🙁 I would have loved to try CS there but guess it wasn’t in the books for us to do it.

    Harold Burton


    I definitely must admit I agree. I made my site for desktop because I wanted to show people how beautiful an anime site could be and now, when I worry about making it workable for smaller mobile devices (I’m skipping iPads & other tablets since their screens are bigger), dread comes over me because all the things my sites designed to do when they look at it (originally) is lost. It’s extremely irritating trying to deal w/the limited options of wptouch plugin for wordpress…and wptouch pro isn’t much better unfortunately. -_-” … makes me sad-face.
    Kelly Hubbard

  • Samantha May

    I love monograms because they make something plain more unique!

  • Andrea Banks

    Monograms are so classy and always make everything cuter especially in the south.

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