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Feel Free to follow up with an Email to Chad@LoweryBrands.com

We are a growing company located in Charleston looking for a new team member to add to our DTG T-Shirt Printing Department! The ideal candidate has the following characteristics:

•Positive Attitude
•Focus & great attention to detail
•Reliable, Dependable & Hard-Working
•Enjoys making a difference being a valuable team member in a growing company
•Able to be on feet for a day's work

We are a small, growing company- we sell individual t-shirts, sweatshirts & clothing on our e-commerce websites to customers across the country. Our main website is www.United-Monograms.com. The job is repetitive & requires you to be on your feet- However it requires skill, talent & smarts! We're looking for someone who has a natural talent for the position & will genuinely enjoy the job. We will train the right person- it doesn't take long to learn the basics of the printing station! It's the sustained effort & problem solving skills that makes a successful team member.
Headphones are strongly encouraged so you can focus in on running your own Digital (DTG- Direct to Garment) Station. Time goes by quickly as you will be busy the entire time you're on the clock. This job is very clean and doesn't require you to get covered in ink as 'screen printing' does.

•Opportunity for a raise after 3 months & an opportunity to grow with the company into the future.
•We believe in taking care of our employees who work hard and care about the company.
•Full Time Hours or Part time Hours are available- Willing to be flexible to get the right person!
•We want the job to be a great fit your life! Anywhere around 9/10:00am to 3/4:00pm daily would be great, but we are willing to discuss & accommodate.

Checkout our website our main e-commerce website www.United-Monograms.com to get an idea of what we sell & ship to our customers. Also check out www.LoweryBrands.com to learn some more about our up-and-coming Charleston based company!

DTG United Monograms- Now Hiring



Embroidery- Not Hiring

This Job Starts at $14 Per Hour! Here at United Monograms we are looking for awesome, hard-working people to work with! If you have sewing or embroidery, and live in the Charleston Area - we would love to chat with you! Please fill out this form or send us an email at Chad@LoweryBrands.com with any questions.Hiring Embroidery Job