United Monograms Bags

If there’s anything at all to know about college, it’s that you have tons and tons of books to lug around on a regular basis. Although book bags were most likely your favorite go-to carrier back when, chances are you probably have since graduated from the days of picking out your new neon, canvas book bag to carry all of your life’s essentials in. Well at least we hope so…

United Tees has an amazing selection of monogrammed purses and bags that will take you from class to weekend in no time. Trust us, we know that the simplicity of a classic bag is all you need to add a touch of style and sophistication to any look. This is what inspired our collection of preppy monogrammed purses, after all.

Our larger monogrammed purses make the perfect overnight bag and just so happen to also be the preferred choice for those girls who seldom leave home without bringing nearly their entire beauty collection…yes we know who you are. We offer these monogrammed purses in tan, black, navy or mustard, leaving endless possibilities available to all of you fashion forward ladies out there.

Depending on your personal style mantra, we also carry cross body purses that are great for a day of tailgating, shopping or living the carefree, casual lifestyle that you know and love. We leave the glitz and glam out of the picture and instead just let our high-quality products do all of the talking. We know you will just adore these “take me anywhere” purses no matter what style of bag you choose!   

You will definitely want to also check out our trendy monogrammed envelope purses. This will be your new best friend to tote around for a night out on the town. This purse can transform your look from day to night, so style and wear it as you please! Our small envelope purses come in royal blue, red, coral and aqua. You can even throw these adorable purses into your larger bag for double the dosage of monogrammed perfection.   

We offer various design styles for our monogrammed collection, including circle, master circle and cotillion. Customize one of our amazing bags with your personal initials and you can’t go wrong! Purchase one or several for all of your friends to enjoy (the holiday season is getting dangerously close)!