Choose your own Monogrammed Pocket Tee- New Year, New Products.

New Year, New Products. Welcome, 2015! Say hello to United Monograms’ Pocket Tees.

Now that the holiday festivities are officially over, we’re excited to focus on the awesome new products that we have finally launched! What better way to embark on a brand new year than to introduce a new product line?

Here we go, new product alert: The Monogrammed Pattern Pocket Long Sleeve Shirt. United Monograms now offers fashion forward long sleeve shirts for you to ooh and aah over, just in time to keep you toasty for the colder, winter months ahead (dreadful we know).

And these are not your average pocket tees. We’re proud to announce that these monogrammed pocket shirts are totally customizable. This means you can choose from various patterns of pockets, monogrammed styles and even thread colors. It’s ideal for the preppy girl at heart, who knows exactly what she wants in a shirt.

Why are we so excited about pocket tees you may ask? Because they can be perfectly paired with just about anything! Our favorites pairings include: Jeans, layered under a cardigan, paired with a cute flannel and leggings or…by itself with some yoga pants, of course! Pocket tees have the power of giving off a completely effortless vibe, all while adding to your fabulously chic appearance, even if it is just for class! ;)

Go ahead, check out our new pocket tees and choose the style you feel is most “you”. We offer pocket styles in: seersucker, navy wave, herringbone, quarter foil, plaid, gingham. american flag, and many more.

So why should you jump on the bandwagon and obsess over updating your style for 2015?  Is it the “new year, new you attitude” mantra? Perhaps! What are some of the top reasons you’re refreshing your look this year? We have a couple good reasons, just to get your list started. ;)

One reason to ditch your old threads is to do some good, aka donate your old clothes! A way to truly radiate positivity in January, and throughout the year, is to go through your current wardrobe, figure out what you haven’t worn in over six months or especially over a year (cough, cough…you know who you are) and donate them to those who truly need it. Not only will you help out those who are less fortunate, you’ll feel a little less guilty spending all of your holiday cash on new styles from United Monograms. Check out your county or borough’s local donation centers and get to it!

Another great reason to try out our products in 2015, particularly from United Monograms, may just be the most exciting one yet…the continuation of the active wear movement that has swept the fashion world, according to Women’s Wear Daily that is. Active wear has been seen all over the runways in 2014 and is only continuing with a huge bang into 2015. We’ve always known that the casual, yet feminine active look was EVERYTHING. Yet, you don’t have to buy designer clothes to be on trend, we’ve got you covered and in an even bigger and better way! Chic, American active wear never sounded better or looked more fabulous than United Monograms’ collections. You could say United Monograms has been a bit ahead of the curb for a while now, but we won’t pat ourselves too hard on the back. We’re just excited to see active wear only continue to flourish this year. We couldn’t be more proud.

As previously mentioned, when it comes to our Monogrammed Pattern Pocket Long Sleeve Shirts comfort is everything. At the end of the day active wear is about being comfortable and effortless. Buy your new pocket tee today and layer it up for winter, but keep it around for spring! We also have tons of new products to highlight in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! Remember, personalize your life and choose United Monograms for all of your customizable fashions.