2018 Year in Review🎉 Top 10 Best-Sellers of the Year🛍 - United Monograms

2018 Year in Review🎉 Top 10 Best-Sellers of the Year🛍

2018 was an amazing year for United Monograms! It was only a fews years ago Shelby & Sean had just one single at-home embroidery machine- Today the company has grown to be among the leaders in the world of personalization! 2018 was the BEST year yet🏆📈🙌🏽✅ We absolutely love and adore every single customer. We are obsessed with being the #1 Online Shop for Monograms and always creating & having Monogrammed Items you will LOVE season after season, year after year.

Here are some of the highlights of 2018: 

Remained Obsessed with Connecting with our Customers!
Started new relationships with some top fashion instagramers & bloggers across the south & the country- From Bre Sheppard all the way up in Seattle to the Southern Sassy Blonde down in Mississippi. We acquired 100,000+ brand new monogram lovers while still offering special deals & promotions to our most loyal & established customers💕

Collaborated with Viral Video Creators- 'It's a Southern Thing'
Monograms are part of the southern culture🎀🔤 The videos from these guys are the funniest & truest representation of the south- so it was an honor to be named the official monogram sponsor! We collaborated on the Monogram themed video 'Why You Don't Mess with the Monogram' which was viewed well over 1 million times! More Videos to come in 2019📹

    Added 'Monogram Preview' for Classic Monograms
    You asked, and we made it happen! All of our Classic Monograms now show an exact preview of what your embroidered monogram will look like when we hand craft it at our headquarters. We have 8 classic monogram styles & 25+ thread colors. No more guessing how it will look! We are looking to build on this Preview in 2019 to make the personalized shopping experience even better!

    Added 1,000+ New & Original Monogrammed Items
    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we couldn't be more flattered!! We learned for a fact in 2018, that we are indeed leaders in the industry. Our small & growing product team works hard to keep a pulse on what our customers love & desire👩🏼‍💻💪🏽👩🏻‍💻📊 We put in the work, the trial & error & the sampling to come up with new products every season! We were shocked to see all of our products, packages & designs STOLEN & COPIED by companies like 'Born to be Sassy' & many more across Etsy & the internet. Just remember that we're the best😃 We Introduced 'Monogram Packages' to save you time & money, Front/Back Comfort Colors Monograms which were a HUGE hit, Non-Classic Embroidery Monograms like this Pumpkin Crewneck that went Viral in the Fall, and many more!

    Top 10 Best-Selling Monograms of 2019 

    1. Monogrammed Big Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt & SweatshirtBig Print Monogram Long Sleeve & Sweatshirt

    2. Monogrammed Quarter Zip SweatshirtBest Seller for United Monograms

    3. Monogrammed Pumpkin Crewneck SweatshirtPumpkin Monograms

    4. Monogrammed 'Caffeine Queen' Crewneck SweatshirtCoffee Lovers 'Caffeine Queen' Graphic Monograms

    5. Monogrammed Crewneck SweatshirtMonogrammed Sweatshirt for Girls

    6. Monogrammed Fall 'Most Wonderful Time' Crewneck SweatshirtFall Best Selling Personalized Graphic Monogram

    7. Monogrammed 'Plaid' Big Print Crewneck SweatshirtPlaid Big Prints Monograms

    8. Monogrammed Comfort Colors 'Lounge Set' Package (1st & 2nd Edition)Monogrammed Pajamas- Best Selling Lounge Set

    9. Monogrammed Lilly Big Print V-Neck & SweatshirtMonogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Top

    10. Monogrammed Heather Crewneck SweatshirtBest Selling Monogram Heather Sweatshirt

    Which of these Best-Sellers is your Favorite?


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