All About Lilly- Why We're Obsessed

The girls at United Monograms are no different than most other prepster girls all across the country. We love summertime, all things American, the brightest of bright colors….and of course, Lilly Pulitzer. We just celebrated National Wear Your Lilly Day yesterday (Happy First Week of Summer, friends!) and it served as the best reminder that Lilly will never go out of style.

Lilly was born a New York socialite way back in the 1930s. When she and her first husband relocated to Palm Beach, Florida shortly after their wedding, she opened a successful juice stand. Inspired by fruit and the bright stains on her clothes the juices left, she created her first brightly patterned sleeveless shift dress. Eventually, she realized her customers loved her clothing designs even more than her juice, and thus, Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. was born. The year was 1959, and the rest is history.

An iconic shot of Jackie rocking a Lilly dress!

Girls who wear Lilly are among the likes of Jackie Kennedy, the Rockefellers, and the Vanderbilts, just to name a few of America’s royal members. Jackie Kennedy was actually a classmate of Lilly’s growing up! Talk about fast connections and the perfect brand ambassador.

Some of the original Lilly wearers, circa 1960s. I spy a Vanderbilt!

Throughout these past decades, Lilly has remained not only a relevant brand, but a cutting-edge brand. New designs and patterns are constantly being created and developed, and of course, only the brightest of the bright colors are used! Women and children of all ages can rock Lilly- a sorority girl can feasibly share a Lilly dress with her fashionable mother!

Sorority women love Lilly!
Where does United Monograms come into play with Lilly, you may ask? Well, what's better than a Lilly pattern coupled with YOUR monogram? We've picked our very favorite summer Lilly patterns, and made Lilly monograms available on our products!
We have Lilly monogram options for apparel like tanks and quarter zips. Our quarter zip is a huge favorite here at the office- it's comfy, cute and perfect for summer evenings on the beach after the sun sets! Of course, our tanks are perfect for any occasion- whether spending a day at the mall or hitting up the boardwalk, the bright tank colors are complemented by a bright Lilly pattern to match! Our Lilly fabric patterns available are shown below.
Lilly Pulitzer with Monograms
Of course, that's not all! We also offer super cute Lilly decals in even more patterns! The decals come in a variety of sizes, and they're perfect to stick on your laptop, your car window, your phone, or anywhere else you might think of! The same patterns are also available on products such as tumblers, mason jars and jewelry dishes, so you can always carry some Lilly with you.

Lilly Pulitzer- United Monograms

So what are you waiting for? Shop our Lilly section NOW! Don't forget- National Wear Your Lilly Day may have just passed us, but there's never a bad time to rock a Lilly!