What is 'By You?'

What is 'By You?'

Let us explain...

The next generation of personalized clothing is here! It's time to make your wardrobe stand out. It's time to 'Make It Yours'💋
Beyond Monograms: Read about our new vision.

The Definition of 'By You' is that this item has a "blank slate" spot for you to fill in! Type in your name, nickname, initials, school name, monogram, special date, social media handle - whatever you want! It's monograms at higher levels than they've ever risen before. Personalization 'By You' crafted with the sleek style of UM.

This 'By You' personalization style will be the staple of the monogram culture in the south & across the United States in 2022. We believe in this personalized touch of style. Monograms will always be our first passion, but the heart is in the same place - we LOVE & appreciate making personalized clothing available to individuals.

As we've been the '#1 Online Monogram Shop'- We take pride in being experts & trend seekers in this field. We have so much information from our amazing customers & are always paying attention so we can offer the most adored & fashion forward personalized clothing for girls.

Our 'By You' style has already been catching on! We're seeing so many creative combinations of a great name or word + thread/top color combo + placements.

By You Personalization monograms style

With our standard 'By You' format you can choose from 4 fonts, 25+ thread colors & up to 4 placements (center, hood, left chest, bottom hem, sleeve)

'Make It Yours' in 10-12 characters of text (including signs like @, ! , /, etc. ) We also have a separate product if you like the curved collar look for your touch of personalization.


Caramel Latte anyone? 😋 Our 'By You' items allow you to get your name, monogram, nickname or anything you want embroidered wherever you want on this cozy sweatshirt!


We have applied this 'By You' style for the FIRST time ever this spring - In soo many fun different ways! First we have new styles - Design your own oversized cropped tee with any saying or word of your choice!

Check out this tough decision Shelby had to make when picking what to get on her first ever 'By You' 🤣👇🏽



You can be whoever you want with our ‘By You’ products 💖🔥💋

♬ for when ur indecisive - Viv


We can't wait to see what everyone gets! 

"By You": Input your own personalization & you choose where the placement is on the item. You'll see us rolling out this style this spring. Add little symbols like smiley faces & hearts to your personalization! 💋✨🧵 



"You Pick": Products that have multiple personalization options provided by us. A perfect example of this is our "I'd Rather Be" sweatshirt that has been our best seller in 2022 so far. It has a cute, smaller embroidered statement across the chest. I'd rather be at...You Pick from our choices - Target, Starbucks, Disney, etc. We're planning on having so much fun with this concept!  


We're so fired up for 2022! ❤️‍🔥