Christmas 2021 Holiday Style Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and no outfit is complete without a monogram! It’s the perfect time to show your festive side, whether that means sporting your favorite holiday movie character on a crewneck or shining bright with a glitter monogram. We’ve put together a few outfits for all of your holiday festivities! 
Holiday Festivities Outfit
Holiday Festivities Outfit
Whether you’re heading to the Christmas Tree farm or getting dressed for family photos - this outfit featuring our Monogrammed Santa Vest and Monogrammed Flannel will turn heads for sure. How cute is this combo?! Pair it with your favorite leather leggings and black boots. This look will be your go to for any festive event.
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Christmas movie night outfit
Christmas Movie Watching Outfit
If you’re heading to a girl Christmas movie night, we have the cutest and comfiest festive outfit for you! How amazing are these red Monogrammed Joggers? They are as comfy as they are cute and their bright red color will instantly put you in a jolly mood. We’ve paired it with one of our holiday movie favorites - our “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” crewneck sweatshirt in ash grey. I think we all know what that line is from. If you’re not a ‘Home Alone’ fan make sure to check out all of our other Christmas Movie items! 
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Christmas shopping crew outfit
Christmas Shopping Outfit
Grab your crew, it’s Christmas shopping season! With all of the Holiday chaos, we think comfort is #1 when it comes to hitting the malls or shops. That's why our Monogrammed ‘Christmas Shopping Crew’ crewneck sweatshirt is the shirt for you and your group. Pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers, and you’re ready to run for those deals. For an extra cute look - you can top it off with one of our Monogrammed Pom Pom beanies!
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Christmas cookie baking outfit
Christmas Cookie Baking Outfit
Does your family or friends have a Christmas cookie baking night tradition or an Annual cookie swap? We have a whole collection dedicated to Christmas cookies, but we think one of our brand new monogrammed aprons over one of our crewnecks would be just perfect! How cute is this Monogrammed ‘Christmas Cookies’ one?! Looks darling over a classic red monogrammed crewneck! 
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Disney for Christmas outfit
Disney Holiday Outfit
Will you be spending the holidays in Disney?! If so, first of all - it looks like the most magical place for Christmas😍 Second- there is no Disney trip complete without one of our Disney Monograms! We know that Disney is ‘Home’ for so many people and this shirt will be so special for you! If you’re spending the day in Orlando, biker shorts and sneakers with this long sleeve t-shirt will be amazing.
Shop this look:     Long Sleeve T-shirt
Holiday party outfit
Christmas Party Outfit
You have a holiday party to attend - don’t be boring and show up in the same dress or sweater as everyone else! One of our Glitter Monogrammed Crewnecks are perfect to dress up. We’ve paired ours with heels, fancy joggers, and a cute festive headband. I think everyone will be jealous of your comfy top. You can’t forget a monogrammed necklace to finish the whole look! 
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Teacher Christmas outfit
Teacher Holiday Outfit
It’s the perfect time of year for teachers to show some personality and their love for the holiday season! Your students' eyes will light up when they know you are as big of an ‘Elf’ fan as they are. This elf themed teaching shirt will be a staff favorite in the faculty lounge too! Throw it on with your favorite black pants and a cardigan or blazer to dress it up! We know you hard workers are on your feet all day, so we think a festive pair of Toms would be perfect.
Shop this look:   Long Sleeve Tee
There are a million different outfits you can put together with our festive Monogrammed shirts and accessories, but we hope you like these style suggestions! Make sure to share with us on social media just how amazing you style and look in your UM this holiday season! 


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