Introducing our 90's Collection!

Whether it was the fun fashion, music or the famous TV shows, everyone remembers the 90’s! The realization that 90’s fashion is making a comeback set in when I saw claw clips and baggy pants on social media. We decided to take everyone back to their roots and design a 90’s collection that will bring up some nostalgic memories. These personalized designs are the best way to commemorate the good ole’ days!

The first 90’s trend we are bringing back is Lisa Frank inspired monograms. Back in the day we would see her colorful designs everywhere- from journals to clothing and even home decor! For these comfy crewnecks, think of the classic neon designs and animal prints but with your own personal twist!
Here at United Monograms, most of us are big fans of the forever famous 90’s television series ‘Friends.’ I have always wanted to grab a cup of coffee at Central Perk, everyone in that show made it seem so fun! A personal favorite of mine from this collection is our Central Perk themed crews & tees. Wouldn’t they be so cute to wear to your favorite local coffee spot?!
To this day the famous Clueless quote “Ugh, as if!” is still SO relatable. Cher had the cutest style and I am seeing more and more Cher Horowitz inspired outfits pop up on instagram. Our personalized, Clueless crewnecks will have you looking comfy and cute wherever you go!
Our fun, colorful 90’s collection is definitely a great way to relive some of the most memorable moments. We hope you love this new collection as much as we do! Click here to shop all things 90’s!