Monogram Etiquette 101

Monogram Etiquette 101

Monogramming is an art that we respect here at United Monograms. Sometimes people ask the question, why are those initials not in the right order? As the #1 Online Shop for Monograms- We are here to answer that question for you!


These people clearly need a little lesson in Monogram Etiquette. Since you know we love to monogram everything, here is the etiquette we go by when monogramming.

First Name, LAST NAME, Middle Name. The reason why the last name traditionally goes in the middle is because the last name is most important and should stand out! You should be proud of your family name. Your last name initial will be slightly larger than the others in the center. Example: Anne Marie Price would have the monogram aPm

First Name, NEW LAST NAME, Maiden name (or middle name if you prefer). When a woman is married, a few things in the monogram world are up to her! She can ditch her middle name completely, and use her last name as her new middle name OR she can keep her middle name. This is your preference, or whichever you choose when you change your name! We think either one is acceptable! Example: If our friend Anne Marie Price married David Brown her monogram would be EITHER (option 1): aBp or (option 2): aBm


Bride's First Name, MARRIAGE LAST NAME, groom's first name. The reasoning for this one is easy, ladies first! Since Anne & David Brown are now happily married, their shared monogram would be: aBa