Spring 2020 Collection

Here at United Monograms, one of our goals is to release a new collection every season.  We want you guys to have access to all new monograms, all the time!  Our goal is to continue to put out new monogrammed items for you all to love, and this Spring is no different.  This Spring Collection consists of so many fun, colorful items - it will get you so excited for Spring to arrive.  We really focused on COLORFUL items, as well as TRENDS that we've seen popular.  In this collection, you will mostly find Tie-Dye items, Band Tees, more Disney items, NEW colors to past best sellers, and much more! Let's dive in to why we went with the products we did.  

Who else is happy tie-dye is back in style?! We decided to add more tie-dye to this collection because it is EVERYWHERE right now.  Think leopard print in the fall, that is how tie-dye is to spring.  Last year we had just 2 tie-dye items that did very well, and knew they would be winners if we added more.  For lots of us, it has a nostalgic side to it and brings back memories at summer camp or the boardwalk.  We love tie-dye for multiple reasons but mainly because of the amazing colors in these tees.  If you have purchased with us before, you know we offer many graphic monograms on white shirts - we will continue to do that but we also want to continue adding more colored options!  We designed a few graphic monograms that are printed on these tie-dye shirts, and that's pretty awesome. Check out all our new tie-dye items here

 Another trend we jumped on this collection is Band Tees.  Think Rolling Stones, Def Leppard - with a preppy and pretty twist.  These tees will have your brother or uncle asking 'Do you even know who that band is?!' but who cares when it's a cute and comfy personalized top.  These tees are offered on Comfort Colors brand t-shirts and available on awesome colors.  I love this violet one shown below, the designs looks perfect on it!  

Our Disney themed monograms are always fan favorites every time we release a new one.  We are so happy to introduce 15 new Disney monograms, making our Disney Collection over 50 items!  We want you to bring your UM with you to 'The Happiest Place on Earth'.  From your pajamas for your trip, to shirts to match 'the purple wall', to Mickey classics - we know if you love Disney, you will LOVE these items.  My personal favorite is our Monogrammed 'Tie Dye Mickey' T-Shirt seen below.  The distressed vintage Mickey design looks so awesome on this tie-dye! 

 Our owner Sean has told us we don't need to reinvent the wheel when coming up with new products.  He told us to think back on current best sellers and think if there are any twists we can add to them to make them new products.  We came up with adding new color options to our past best sellers!  We added new colors to our Lilly Bring Print Tee and Lilly Big Print Crewneck, and they are so fantastic.  We have added a new color to our Comfort Colors Lounge Sets, and Comfort Colors Quarter zip!  

United Monograms Lilly Sweatshirt

We hope you love this new Spring Collection just as much as we do.  Let us know in the comments which item is your favorite!