What is a "Premium Tee"?


You may have noticed some T-shirts and Long Sleeve Tees on our site are a little more expensive and have the word ‘Premium’ in their title.  The product image probably doesn’t show much difference than our normal tees, but there is a reason for the price increase.  The shirts we use for most products on our site are great shirts - don’t get us wrong - but there is a reason we can offer them at such amazing prices.  It is your basic, standard t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt.  A few of our customers have reached out and requested a higher quality shirt, so we have added them on certain products with great feedback from y'all! On products with the word ‘Premium’ in their title, you will be getting a higher quality shirt.  

Premium Tees vs Regular Tees:

  • Thicker fabric
  • More durable
  • Softer
  • Sleeves aren’t as baggy
  • Better overall quality
If you order one of our Premium Tees you will just feel the difference. Trust me, you won’t mind paying the extra $5 or $6! Check out all of our Premium Tees here and find out for yourself! 



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