Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The holiday season is the best time of the year to show your loved ones how special they are to you.  We believe that Monogrammed gifts show that person just how much they mean to you.  Here at United Monograms, not only is each item personalized with a monogram - you can personalize many other things such as design chosen, colors, and thread color used!  We truly believe we have something for everyone on your list!  We have made a few gift guides we hope you find helpful while searching for that perfect gift! 

Gift Guide for: The Traveler
Do you have someone who is always on the road or traveling on your list?!  Our whole website is pretty much filled with comfy travel day outfits - but we believe these pieces will become their new travel go-tos!  This 'Travel Day' sweatshirt has been a best seller and will sure have the flight attendance asking about it!

Gift Guide For: The Mama
We have the perfect personalized gifts for your mom, or any mom or mother-to-be in your life.  We know moms run on coffee and wine, so a Monogrammed Coffee Cup or Monogrammed Wine Tumbler is the perfect present.  This neoprene tote is such a great size and can carry all the 'mom stuff' needed.

Gift Guide For: Your BFF
Your best deserves the coolest and most unique gift for Christmas!  United Monograms has all different styles we are positive you can kind THE perfect gift for your BFF.  You can even buy yourself a matching one so you can be twinning in your monogrammed goodies!

Gift Guide For: A Disney Lover
If your Disney loving friend is anything like mine, you know they are OBSESSED with all things Disney and Mickey!  We have a whole collection of Monogrammed Disney Gear - but gathered a few of our favorites for this Disney gift guide.  

Gift Guide For: A Teacher
Teachers are some of the hardest workers we know, so they 100% deserve a fantastic and special Christmas present!  With coffee being a necessity for most teachers, we think this jumbo coffee mug is just perfect.  This Monogrammed Tote Bag holds so much and is amazing for teachers bringing their papers and school work to and from school.

Gift Guide For: A College Girl
We know college aged girls can be a little tough to shop for!  With all the different trends and keeping up with the latest styles - we know one thing that never goes out of style - Monograms!  College girls all love to wear comfy clothes on campus, and we have plenty of that.  We think this cropped hoodie will be an absolute hit.  Our monogrammed leopard duffel bag is perfect for her weekend trips home or trips to visit friends!  

We hope these gift guides are helpful and you find something for everyone on your list at United Monograms!  Our customer service team loves giving advice and their help on finding the perfect gift ideas - so please reach out if you have any questions or are stuck on picking out that perfect gift!